Notice Of Intent To Buy

Cash For Bankrucpty Estates Assets


Why Sell To Me?

Over 10 Years of Experience Buying Assets From Bankruptcy Estates ==> You Won't Have To Hold My Hands.

Low Breakup Fees.

Preferred Assets

I will consider all assets other than US residential real estate that a broker is willing to list.
Below are mostly the types of assets I bought in the past, and that I am interested in buying again.

Promissory Notes Secured By Real Estate

Promissory Notes secured by Mortgages or Deed of Trusts.

Life And Remainder Estates

Life And Remainder Estates in Real Estate.

Promissory Notes Secured By A Business

Promissory Notes Secured By A UCC Financing Statement.

Private Company Stock

Private Company Stock.

Partial Interests In Real Estate

Partial Interests In Real Estate.

Penny Stock

Private Company Stock.

Other Assets I Have Bought In The Past And/Or That I Would Buy Now:

I have also bought the deferred compensation plan of an insurance broker, a membership interest in an LLC, a partial interest in a trust fund, and a van.

More generally, I am interested in any passive or semi passive income generating asset, that I can manage from my home office. 

I am also currently looking for the following assets: foreign real estate, specially in Mexico, France and Argentina. I will need some hand holding on this one, as I never bought foreign real estate before. I am also looking for an electric car, an electric "suv", weapons, a website company and a software company.


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